Level Alert Model 492P98

  • Expandable Microprocessor Based Alarm systems
  • Activated by: Continuity, AC or DC Voltages, Current Loop
  • High/Low Alarms for Tanks, Wells, Sumps, Watertowers, Lakes, Density (Specific Gravity), Pressure Measurement, Process Signals
  • Relay outputs for pump/valve control
Level Alert Alarm

How does it work? When an alarm condition is sensed by Level Alert, an audible alarm sounds and a message pad flashes to inform the user why the alarm has sounded. A reset push-button silences the audible alarm. Thereafter, the message pad(s) remain illuminated until the alarm condition has been corrected. Should another channel(s) sense an alarm condition, the audible alarm will again sound and the corresponding message pad will flash until reset/acknowledged by the operator.

Level Alert Alarms are designed to activate upon receipt/loss of continuity* (N.O. or N.C. contact), voltage** input (24, 115 VAC or DC) or 4-20mA*** low/high current loop status. This flexibility permits universal application. Uehling Type "S", Bar Graph and Digital Tank-O-Meters®, Digital Pressure Gauges, Float Switches, etc., may be used to activate Level Alert Alarms. Each channel has an output relay for actuating other relays, pumps, valves, etc.

Activation with Tank-O-Meter® Products:

Gauge with Alarm System

Level Alert Alarm
Model 492P98 Specifications

Number of Channels:4 with LED illuminated message pads
Housing Size:1/8 DIN Panel Mount (Mounting Opening 3.63 X 1.78 inches)
Alarm Visual:Message flashes until alarm is silenced/reset and thereafter remains illuminated until alarm condition has been corrected.
Alarm Audible:Internal horn and relay with rear terminals for external horn, strobe or bell. (Contacts rated 0.5 amps @ 115 VAC, non-inductive).
Internal Reset:"S" (silence/reset) Push-button on front panel.
External Reset:Yes -- rear terminal connections for remote reset push-button.
Power:115 VAC, (220 & DC optional)
Power Indicator:LED
Electrical Connection:Rear screw terminal block
Expansion:Yes -- Unlimited. Units may be combined to add additional channels.
Test Function:Yes -- font panel push-button. Up key tests channels 1 & 2. Down key tests channels 3 & 4
Inputs Accepted:
     (Specify with order)
Trips upon contact closure/continuity* (default setting), AC or DC voltages**, DC Current 4-20 mA*** loop status (low/high). Each channel is individually configurable for N.O. (Default) or N.C. via jumpers.
Output Relays:4 SPDT dry contact relays. Each channel simultaneously actuates a relay when message pad is illuminated. (0.5 amps @ 115 VAC, non-inductive; 1 amp @ 30 VDC.)

*Continuity circuits require no external power source, simplify wiring, are economical and useful for applications where the use of power is undesirable or may present a hazard.
**AC or DC Voltage inputs are particularly useful for applications where the input simultaneously actuates more than one device or relay.
***DC Current (4-20 mA loop status: high/low) provide the ability to monitor a device output continuously with high immunity to induced electrical interference.

Enclosed 16 Channel System

Bulletin 492P98

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