Bar Graph Tank-O-Meter

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Upgrade/Replacement for Indicating Fluid-Filled Gauges

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Typical Applications


Display Accuracy0.5%
Display Resolution1%
Display Length10 Inches
Under Calibrated Range IndicationBlinking Green LED
Over Calibrated Range IndicationSingle LED Runs Continuously from Bottom to Top
Over Capacity IndicationAll LEDs Flash Alternately with Green LED
Operating Temperature0 - 130F
Analog Input Range4-20 mA, DCV (Consult Factory for Other Options)
Transducer Excitation15 VDC @ 50 mA max.
Power115 VAC, 5 VA (DC Optional)
Power IndicatorGreen LED
Power Connection18" Leads - 1/2" NPT Conduit Connection Std.
Transducer Wetted Parts:316 SS
PressureGauge, Differential, Absolute Ranges from Vacuum to 150 PSI (4152 Inches of Water)
Calibration/ScalingDipswitches - Allows Full Response with Partial Input Signal and EASY RECALIBRATION. Uses Same Graduated Scales (With No Tank Dimension Change). Supplied FACTORY CALIBRATED (Calibration Traceable to NIST)
Graduated ScalesDual Engineering-Unit Linear or Non-Linear; Aluminum Non-Glare White with Black Line Graduations Sealed with Clear Laquer
CaseExtruded Aluminum with Acrylic Front

To Order Provide:

  1. Application Requirements/Sketch or Specification
  2. Inside Tank Dimensions, Tank Content & Specific Gravity or Pressure Range or Signal Input Type/Range, as Applicable.
  3. Desired Scale Calibration Units.
  4. Options: Outputs, Relays, Enclosures, Alarms and Setpoints, Remote Alarms & Resets, Etc.
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