Bar Graph Tank-O-Meter

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"BBG" or "TBG" Bar Graph

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Hand Pump "HBG" Bar Graph Tank-O-Meter System

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"BBG-OB" or "TBG-OB" Bar Graph with "OB" Option Board Package

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The "OB" Option Board package provides four (4) setpoint relays, analog output and serial communication for high/low alarms, pump or valve control, indicator lights, remote loop powered display, etc. (If additional relays/outputs are required, additional option boards may be added.)

"OB" Option Board Package

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Modes of Operation:

  1. Relay Programming mode permits the user to view current relay settings and change (one or more) relay setpoint(s) and reset point (hysterisi), if desired.
  2. Review mode permits the user to view current relay settings without changing any values.
  3. Run mode is the normal operation mode.
Auto Exit Feature
After 2 minutes of inactivity (no key presses in the review or programming modes), the Bar Graph will automatically exit to the normal Run mode using the last-known relay settings.

"BG" Bar Graph

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Bulletin BG298

More Information on the Bar Graph Tank-O-Meter

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